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    honestly sometimes this site pisses me off. when I log on to post cab files for people there are 100 plus people viewing and no one answering posts. wtf is that? am I the only one here that is some what knowledgeable with my treo? Maybe everone should trade them in for a sprint rumor then. reason for this post is not to complain but to say sorry too all the people that only get a response when ever I come on this site which isn't often (times I'm on when I can't sleep, when i am bored, or when I want to share my findings with people) that being said I'm going to do try to do TWO things. 1) I am going to try to check this site out on more of a daily basis. 2) if.... IF no one writes back or if your question is still unanswered in 24hrs and I havnt giving you my 2 cents you can hit me up on aim THEMASTERMIND59 but you have to post your question here 1st.

    If I made anyone upset 1) if ur looking at this thru the wap version don't look log in normal and look at my signature 2) IDK

    Hopes this helps people out in the future. This is an old aim I'd so I won't think twice about stop using it. if I start getting strange ish my way don't ask me why I aint signed onto it anymore.
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    Bunches of us are also rather knowledgeable in our own little areas and bunches of us are just plain tired of answering the same question(s) multiple times. In addition, bunches of us are busy doing other things and just get lazy. Maybe when I once again jump to the WM format, I might have a question (just might).

    Do not get too upset.

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