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    how do I install opera mini 4 on my treo 700wx? there is a .jad and .jar file.
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    I don't know honestly I want to say two things. one jar and jad files are java files and I think they only wrk on blackberrys our of the box. I saw instructions on how to install opera mini on here but I am running a trial version of opera 8 that doesn't expire. if you like I can post the cab file for that. idk what the difference is but it wrks or me.
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    I installed Opera Mini today, for the first time.

    First I installed the Esmertec Jbed Java 3.1 20080222 from
    Next I went to using my 700wx PIE browser and installed Opera Mini directly to the 700wx.

    That's all I did.
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    interesting, I was under the impression that Opera Mini didnt work on the 700WX, only Opera Mobile.
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