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    I went to a shop** in Singapore a week ago. The shop is taking pre-order of the Treo 800w (they posted the picture of 800w in the pre-order ad.) I asked them when it will be available and whether they are sure the model is Treo 800w. I told them the Treo 800w is CDMA version and Singapore is using GSM. I got the definite answer of "Yes" and it will be Treo 800w and available by end of August.

    **This shop is only selling Palm device and, Palm and third party Palm accessories.

    If the information is correct, my speculation is the Treo 850 is same as Treo 800 in term of factor factor and look. It is similar to Centro. I think it makes sense as Palm's management mentioned about using the common parts to save costs so they can low down the price to compete with other manufacturers.
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    I think I mentioned this in the other thread.
    I don't care if it's called an 800 or 850.
    I don't even care if it looks like the 800 or the pics floating around of the 850.
    I just want a WM GSM Upgrade.
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    Interesting blurb on Gizmodo. $10 question is this the 800W on verizon, 850, a POSII device or a yet to be announced device???
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    Two Chinese-language news services, the Commercial Times and the China Economic News Service, are both reporting that Palm has placed orders for several million units of smartphones aimed at a 2009 release.
    2009? I hope not!

    If it's millions of units, maybe it's a low cost device, such as a WM Centro.
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    I doubt a volume low-cost device would be dubbed "Pro"
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