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    I did a bunch of searching around and couldn't find anyone else having issues getting connected, and saw lots of others using the connect using BT feature on their wx's, so I'm a bit confused at why I'm having so much difficulty.

    I have been able to get my device to Sync using the BT adapter in windows xp, and PDANet recognizes that my device is connected, but whenever I try to connect PDANet fails with an error code in windows.

    Naturally I tried their second method of connecting via BT, but the first step is to check the box for "enable bluetooth DUN" and I cannot get past this step because when I check the box my treo tells me "Unable to assign COM Port, please make sure COM7 or COM4 is available on your device. Bluetooth DUN will remain off. (err=2404)" and I can't get any further.

    I'm running the latest update from Palm's site on the Treo and past that a completely stock networking/connections setup. Any help would be appreciated, I hate using my USB cable with my cloudbook.
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    been a while but when I used my BT to teather it was REALLY slow compared to using the usb cable...
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    I know this doesn't answer your question, however, I have used BT Dun with PdaNet and it is simply not worth it because you will find that you get disconnected all of the time. The cable unfortunately is the main way to go. I am running Vista so I'm not sure what you need to do for XP but rest assured it is nothing impressive because the BT on the wx isn't that good.
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