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    Hello All

    Totally new to the site. Did not know it even existed. Am excited to check back frequently - a lot of great stuff!!!

    On to my problem which brought me here in the first place.

    My Treo 700wx buzzes/beeps like normal when I plug in the charger (though I've had troubles with the cord connection before ... as I see others have) and it even has the "lightning bolt" to indicate an active charge. However, it's not charging! The % only goes down over time - like overnight - instead of charging. I bought a new battery yesterday thinking that would help (it was 90% or so full when purchased). Same problem! After a night of "charging", it now says 88%. NO GOOD!

    Anyone with suggestions!

    Thanks in advance.

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    New charger or new phone. Take it to the store and explain the problem.

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    this happened to me when I used an aftermarket charger. It broke the phone.

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