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    I just came across this today.

    Have any of you used it. It looks to have AOL IM integrated in it so I assume it should work rather well. I would think that would be free as well since it is using data and not SMS.

    I just wanted to get peoples thoughts on it if they have been using it for a while.
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    I just downloaded it to the phone and installed it but when I open it, it says "downloading resources" and it gives me an error thereafter saying "an error occurred when trying to connect securely. This may be due to invalid security certificates on your phone or on the server."

    Oh well...
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    I can't seem to find exactly what you are talking about. There seems to be a readily available AIM for Blackberry that is all over the AIM site. Can you send a direct link?
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    Do people still use AOL?
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    I installed in before & it looks like Yahoo Go but it was very slow so i uninstalled it.

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