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    How to make a long story short...

    I wanted to change the two volume buttons on the side of the treo 700wx into buttons for scrolling up and down.

    I finally found AEBPLUS software and was able to get this done is less then a minute.

    Now I needed to get access to the a volume icon. Here is what I found on the net and did:

    I put a empty .txt file named BatteryIndicator.txt and change the extension to .exe. I then put that fake BatteryIndicator.exe and replaced the one in the windows folder.
    This changed the battery icon into a volume icon. (Item "a" on the Image)

    Then I set the registry:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\ShowTitleBarClock to "0"
    This changed the clock into a battery. (Item "b" on the Image)

    Avery time I clicked on the icon and put the volume of the "phone" ( not the devise) to a settings of "5"("0" being mute), the phone did not keep the "5" settings and came systematically back to "0". I would realize this by clicking again on the volume icon. (Item "c" and "d" on the Image)

    I found this registry hack:

    HKEY current user/ControlPanel/Volume/
    Volume= 4294967295(dword)

    HKEY current user/ControlPanel/SoundCategories/
    InCall/InitVol=5 (dword)
    Ring/InitVol=5 (dword)
    I had no system folder in the SoundCategories folder but with the rest done, the phone keeps the volume "5" placement in memory.

    Here is my problem:

    When I soft reset, the phone volume comes back to "0" avery time. (Item "d" on the Image)

    I've been looking on the internet for hours now and found nothing on the subject.

    If I put the phone volume at 5 and soft reset, I want the phone to be at 5 when I get back to it after the soft reset.

    I need help with this one, what should I do?

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    Warning: You may miss call because the ringer volume always down to zero if you didn't turn off the volume service from palm properly.

    I did try smartskey before ABEPlus but it did not scroll in the today screen.

    Thank you CellNeuron.

    Now how the hell do you turn off the volume service from palm?
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    Damn it... I am so sorry for all this posting!

    It's funny that you look on the internet one day and find nothing and the day after, the solutions pop up like magic. task Manager
    2.Go to service
    3.find "volume service (VOL0)",
    4.stop it and set as manual it.

    Now it works fine!

    CellNeuron, your the best!

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