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    Quote Originally Posted by vicn77 View Post
    Not really sure...I believe the Instinct wasn't available on the SERO site when it was released. I could be wrong, hopefully it will be available for ya!
    it is but only on the $99 plan currently

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdonbonjovi View Post
    My roommate used to work at sprint (he just quit a few days ago). Told me its still on track for mid July.
    July 2009 or 2010?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    July 2009 or 2010?
    As in a week and 2 days for business folks, and a day short of 2 weeks for the rest of us.
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    I have been a sprint customer forever and a day. I called them today and tried to pre-order this phone, but no-can-do was all they had for me.
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    Yea Treo is coming out July 13th... I just got this email from ecare when wanting to return my instinct

    Dear Mr. XXXX,

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I understand your concern regarding the
    Treo handset.

    I would like to share with you that the expected launch date of the Palm
    Treo 800W is July 13, 2008. The account reflects that the Samsung
    Instinct was activated on June 23, 2008.

    There is a 30 days return policy of Sprint for purchased handset. So, I
    suggest you to visit the store from where you purchased the Samsung if
    you wish to exchange it for the Palm Treo 800W.

    Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.

    Reva T.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MinistrOfJustiz View Post
    It's right in the middle between the two iPhone models, plus we shouldn't overlook that the iPhone forces you into a pricier plan. I certainly wouldn't complain if Sprint gave me an even better break on the 800w, but I simply don't see the iPhone as a viable option. Touchscreen bad! Smudgy all over bad! Call quality (previous model, anyway) bad!

    I know some people are trying to decide between the black slabs and QWERTY models, but I just don't undertsand it. I greatly dislike the all-touchscreen interfaces, every one.
    Oh finally! I am not alone.... Met too! Hate wat the iPhone is doing to the industry...
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