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    The Brand new Resco Explorer 2008 for Pocket PC released

    We would like to proudly present you the brand new Resco Explorer 2008 for Pocket PC

    The new Resco Explorer 2008 comes with many added or improved features as:

    Touch control support that enables you to easily browse through your files and folder using your fingers, without the need to take out the stylus

    Virtual folder that gives you the quick access to all your documents, pictures, audio files in one folder

    With the new Quick search you can start typing the name or first letters of the wanted file and Resco Explorer 2008 will filter the matching files as you type

    And other useful features:

    * Side letter navigation bar
    * Customizable toolbar
    * Large toolbar buttons optimized for touch mode
    * File search filter
    * AES Zip encryption
    * FTP module completely rebuilt, secure FTP added
    * Settings dialog reorganized
    * Added Details View mode
    * Favorites redesigned
    * File search filter
    * Significant speed increase in Registry module
    * Increased speed in loading folder items
    * And many minor improvements

    Do not miss the most important upgrade since the invention of the wheel.

    You can download the Resco Explorer 2008 directly from here

    Or you can visit the Resco Explorer 2008 home page
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    What's the latest for this year?!

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