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    I know the Treo uses a MINI card but I'm finding it impossible to source one larger than 2 GB.

    I have been able to locate a number of MICRO cards with larger capacity in camera stores but the MINI cards are not that widely used so they don't have them.

    Tried heaps of phone syores one phone tried a MICRO using a Mini adapter but it wasn't recognized by the Treo.

    Has anyone been able to get a MICRO to work this way?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Without WM6 I wouldnt reccommend getting a miniSD card higher than 2GB. Actually with WM5 I wouldnt even reccommened using an SD card, all it ever was for me was trouble. The phone "lost" the card all the time and since I have been on WM6 and i use a 4GB miniSD card (Kingston mini SDHC) I have never had a connection issue and I have like 3.7+GB of usable space which I use for almost everything, email attachements, many programs, music, videos, etc..

    If you check on or other sites you can find a 4GB SDHC (High Capacity) miniSD card for under $30, especially when the deals come out. I bought my on a one day sale for < $20
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    Your sig lists you as being on WM6, so you should be able to use SDHC cards. You probably won't find standard SD larger than 2 GB, but SDHC goes up to 32 GB. I know many people are successfully running 8GB SDHC cards.

    Also, DON'T go for the cheapest thing you can find on ebay. Get a decent name brand like Sandisk or Kingston. Also, pay close attention to the class rating.

    The SD Speed Class Ratings specify a minimum sustained write speed for SDHC cards.

    Class 2: 2 MB/s
    Class 4: 4 MB/s
    Class 6: 6 MB/s

    You can look for the Speed Class Logo to identify the
    performance class of your memory cards and host
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    How do I get my WM6 -Treo 750 to read my memory correctly in both the System and the Storage card tabs. My 2 Gi. card was purchased at the AT&T phone store with my phone. I was not able to install an app that was to be stored on the card. I got size "unavailable" and the software install ended.
    System tab shows total Storage =57.57MB Free/36.29MB
    Storage card tab Total=1936.88MB Free = 1901.38MB

    Any ideas are welcome.
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    Hmm... You might try reformatting the card. Put it in a card reader and format it as FAT32.
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