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    I bought a replacemetn battery for my 700wx about 4 months ago. Everything was fine with it until 5 days ago. I used to be able to get about 10-12 hours out of a battery ( I amnot a big user, and always have it plugged in while in my car). Now I am notricing that after 8 hours I am sown to approximately 10% of battery life. Could the battery have gone bad?

    Other than the auto pull of my email (set to every hour) I don't have anything running that would explain the sudden drain

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    Double check all your power settings. Try a hard reset to see if you have a program running that's draining your battery (use the phone stock for a while).

    Could also be that you've just used the battery hard and it's wearing down. That happens as batteries age, their total capacity shrinks.
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    a battery will only handle so many charge cycles. my seido extended battery no longer holds a sufficient charge and is dead in less 10 hours of standby time. I got about a little more than a year out of it.
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