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    I live in Manassas and work in Dulles
    A bit off topic but I used to live in Woodbridge! I was there at the time of the whole Bobbit ordeal... LOL. There's a little music store there in Manassas (if it still exists) that my father used to teach piano out of.
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    800 will penetrate buildings better for sure- that's a fact.

    but theres probably a million other variables in the real world (if there is much better 1900 covereage in an area then 800 might mean less.)

    also no idea who has the 800 spectrum in any one area. I know verizon has the old bell atlantic nynex 800 licenses in the northeast. I am not sure but I think att got the cellular one and metro one licenses. I don't believe sprint owns a single 800 cdma tower anwhere.

    in the emd its best to ask friends in the area. but people should not assume that free roaming equals the same coverage for all. it just doesn't work that way in the real world. if it did then the only reason to pick one carrier or another would be price as coverage wuld bethe same within cdma or gsm carriers. and if that was all then vzw would be out of business as sprints pricing is just way way way better.
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