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    A vertical scroll bars appearing on the left side... That would be the best!

    Considering that more then 1/4 of the population is left handed... I think that this should be considered by the WM5 hack programmers.

    Is it that complicated to do?

    Imagine reading with a pen always blocking your view...
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    Quote Originally Posted by napnap View Post
    Considering that more then 1/4 of the population is left handed...
    I think your stat is way off (it should be more like 10% of the population), but yeah, great idea for lefties. There doesn't seem to be anything out there and that's too bad...
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    You are right gimme5, I over did it on that figure.

    The real stat is 13%, not 25% according to:

    One of the most established and accepted left handed statistics is that the population of left-hander’s is 13%. This varies slightly over time, but it is widely regarded as a true reflection.

    Never the less, this would be a very appreciated hack. I put you to the test to use your left hand for a half an hour and browse the net... you'll see how annoying this can be.
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    Not to dismiss your plight as a leftie, but why not just get a program that provides you with the ability to drag with your finger by touching the screen anywhere. I think Piscel browser provides this option. I know PIEPlus does, and I am pretty sure that SPB PocketBreeze does this.
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    Thank you for your answer Larry, I tested FtouchfloSL beta version and it freezes my screen when it comes out of sleep mode. I wish this problem would be solved... but it seems I am running out of options.

    I will search for the software you propose.


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