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    I find a link about 700w/wx updater ,but when I enter my sn,they said not available.
    Maybe there is somebody can download it, and tell us which version is?

    there is url:
    Sprint SD Updater
    for 700wx smartphones
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    That isn't WM6 if I am right. Its a update for sprint phones but still keeps WM5. I think I have a way to get WM6. Check out the Custom ROM's thread if you want more info on that.
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    I'm not sure what that updater is for. It says Sprint 700wx's, but my S/N doesn't work for it.
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    I think Palm is now controlling who gets to d/l their software... or bandwidth is too expansive?
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    with the 800W just around the corner there is no way Palm will allow a update to win mo 6 on the 700W/X

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