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    what would be the best radio rom to work with treo 750 wm6.1 on the at&t network? (better reception etc..)
    thank you.
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    I am currently using the, works perfect on my treo, no dropped calls better signal strength.
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    Couple of questions. My Treo 750 has awful reception. I've gotten to the point that I would rather text-message than call people.

    • How do I know which radio ROM I'm currently using?
    • The link listed says it's for Hermes. Is that the internal development codename for the 750?

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    It's probably referring to the P4500/Hermes, also known as the HTC TyTN.

    WM6.1 has never been released for the Treo 750. If you're running it, it's a cooked ROM which means it's been hacked to run on the 750. None of it was developed for this device.

    Hopefully we'll see an official release for the 750 soon.
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