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    Maybe it was naive of me, but when I received an at&t branded 750 which my husband (an at&T subscriber) was about to take to Japan, I thought I would see what would happen when I put my non-att sim card in. Well, just as should have happened, the screen where one enters an unlock code came up. Having not yet received the code (I was planning on using the phone on a non-at&t network one hubby ret'd from Japan) I simply turned of the phone and sent it on it's way to Japan with him.

    SO, now I have the code from AT&T but when I insert my non-att sim, card, NOTHING happens except to say there is a missing or invalid sim.

    *how do I get to that unlock code screen again?*

    Help! Thanks
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    Silly question, but are you sure the SIM is inserted and seated properly? I would not expect that message if the SIM were properly installed.

    You might try a soft reset (push button inside SD card door) and see if that helps

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