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    I'm having a really irritating problem with my 700w. This happens to me both at home and work. If I leave the phone sitting there or in the holster and I don't use it for about half hour to and hour or more, I go to power it on but nothing happens, but the green LED still flashes. Finally after about 20 seconds it will come on, but flashing an amber LED with no service or signal, and clicking the center button to unlock it will not work. Again, after 20 seconds it'll finally go back to flashing green and my phone will go back to normal. Also, there was once instance that someone sent me a text an hour and a half before that and never got it until then. What is going on with it?
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    You have a program on there that is bogging it down.

    I had a proggy that switched themes for me at a set interval. Destroyed the speed the 700wx ran at. Took a hard reset to "fix" it.

    Hard reset your device, and see if the problem goes away. You can also increase the speed of the device by installing something like XCPUScaler or flashing the phone with a customized ROM.
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    To kind of follow up on Ebag's post, here's something to consider. By default, when you "close" a program in WM (at least on a 700WX), you're not really closing it, but rather minimizing it. It continues to slow your system by using memory resources and battery power. There are several programs out there that provide the ability to truly close out of a program, rather than just minimizing it. SPB Pocket Plus as well as Tillanosoft's SmallMenu will provide this ability. I imagine there are others as well.

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