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    I have a 750 that has a dead pixel. I'm in the window to get it exchanged, just wondering the best way to do it. If I back it up, pop the SD card in the new 750 and restore, will the phones essentially be identical? Am I going to run into problems with ActiveSync?

    Just curious how much of a hassle the switch is going to be and whether or not I can get away with something as simple as transferring an SD card.

    Thanks for any info!
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    It's worth a shot. If both have identical OS versions, it may work.

    Either way, worst case scenario is you have to reinstall your software. All your contacts, calendar, etc will come back from Outlook after the first sync.
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    You are not going to run into a problem with Active Sync but I am pretty sure you will have to setup a new partership, it will not work off the previous one.

    I have had to setup a new partnership even after a hard reset.

    Good luck

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