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    I work for a big service company that issues all it's technicians PPC6700s. We don't use them for phones, just to received job assignments via the online services. They are programmed by IBM so that whenever the unit is turned on, you have to log in with a user name and password and a field service program is opened. We want to start using them as phones, but because of this logon feature, they are very inconvenient. I can remove a program from the Windows Startup folder and after a soft reset the program doesn't start, but it still starts every time the unit is turned off and back on. Any ideas about how I can stop this program from loading every time I turn this thing on?
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    The program is under "Remove Programs". I don't want to remove it though because I'm not sure how that will affect everything else. Users still need to logon, but i don't want the program to start until the user wants it too. I read something about a line in the code "CeRunAppAtEvent" and "NOTIFICATION_EVENT_WAKEUP" that might be written into it, and makes this program load at wakeup. Is this something that can be editted? How? Also, In Windows, in the "Services and Applications" area under "Computer Management", there is the "Services" menu where you can set the "startup" type. Can you access that area in Windows Mobile 5.0? Does a program like SKTools do this? We have over 400 6700s in the field. I was hoping for a free solution that I could walk anybody through.

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