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    Hey...I just recently installed Flexmail as a test, and didn't like it.

    Since I uninstalled it, I cannot access my "messaging". I use the threaded sms. I can access my "sms" but not my "messaging", which is where all of my picture and video texts go.

    I get the message "The file 'wismail' cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. You might need to reinstall or restore this file"

    Anyone have any ideas???
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    My guess is that you set up FlexMail as the default mail program when installing. There is an option in the settings to make it default or not default.

    My suggestion would be to reinstall FlexMail, access the settings to make it not the default, then uninstall it again.

    I know this was an issue in the past and you might be able to find more details at the WebIS message boards. Maybe there was an easier fix or this needed to be done some other way, but I can't recall. I'm pretty positive your problems are because your phone thinks FlexMail is its default mail client.
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    That's funny because I emailed WebIS and thats exactly what they told me to do also. Thanks for the help!!
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    Oh, good, I'm glad that worked. To me, that's a bug that should be addressed by WebIS for the software uninstall, but it kinda helps keep you using their product, doesn't it?
  5.    #5 fact, the uninstall was tricky. I couldn't Remove it thru the Remove Programs option on the phone. It got an error message that said it was unremoveable. I had to reinstall it thru active sync. When I did that, it told me that I had to uninstall the previous version to install the new version. As soon as it uninstalled the current version, I cancelled the new install. I had originally just installed the .cab from my sd card.

    Very tricky!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercuryrsng View Post
    Hey...I just recently installed Flexmail as a test, and didn't like it.
    Hi Mercury. I am curious, what did you not like about FlexMail? And what version was it - 2007 or FlexMail 4? 2007 is the currently released version, but version 4 is in Release Candidate on the WebIS forums and about to be released.
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    I had 2007. It was not retrieving my gmail. I had it setup correctly for retrieval. I checked over a hundred times. It would always connect but never retrieve any emails. I liked the format.
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    That is interesting - we don't have many issues with Gmail at all. I use it all the time. Well if you don't mind, take a look at FlexMail 4 when it comes out (we're working on final docs and packaging right now). I expect it out next week. It has a revised interface, memory footprint, performance, etc.. And its heavily used with Gmail by yours truly as well as much of our public beta users on our forums.
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    I will be on the lookout for it. If you think about it, can you please make a post in this forum announcing that it is out? If that's ok with the administrators that is..

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