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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    americans will buy ugly phones - us stylish europeans will not...

    <pouts and adjusts stylish hat>
    My thoughts exactly.
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    Hey maybe Palm is doing a giant fake out. i.e. they have a trick up there sleeve with a nicer phone then the 800 on july 22. That would explain why they have such a long lead time to the launch when the test models are already over the place several months before. It's just a theory--just being hopeful here and trying to come up with something
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    But that's not a factor in design decisions... "well one man might put it in a rubber case, so don't worry about the design of it..."
    I agree with you. Just becuase I put a case on mine doesn't mean that Palm should design a **** ugly product. The 850 is a much more refined finished product. It shows that Palm is capable of such an endevor, or at least paying some one else to be.

    I wonder why they would have two different form factors that are so similar. To me it would seem like there would cost benefits if they were all the same. Better bulk pricing, less tooling cost.

    My best guess is they are made by two different companies negating any savings. Probably the same company who made the 500V is making the 850??? If that is the case Palm should really work with them more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hkklife View Post
    Why? Several possible reasons:

    1. $ related to R&D. CDMA users in the US are TRADITIONALLY used to larger, bulkier devices and are generally less concerned about looks and thinness. Thus, it would be cheaper from Palm--especially with the 800w being an in-house design--to stick to somewhat larger FF footprint with less condensed innards. Of course, Palm's engineers have gotten fairly good at shrinking PCBs down, as the Centro proves, so this may be a moot point.

    2. $ related to margins/carrier negotiations. Palm may try to slip the CDMA 800w in as a "cheap but feature-laden" entry--say, $200-$250 w/ contract, instead of the traditional $400-$500 pricetag w/ contract, and try to make up in volume what they lose in margins (ala Centro). Therefore, keeping the 800w's hardware specs as high as possible while keeping the build cost to Palm's OEM as low as possible would be the main goal.

    3. CDMA chipsets generally are slightly larger and more power hungry. Thus, the potential need for a larger battery. Look at the 755p vs. the 680 & 750 for a good example of this.

    4. The CDMA 800w may have a physically larger LCD (same resolution of course) or a physically larger keyboard with the "smile" shape when compared to the GSM version.

    5. Unlikely but still theoretically possible, the CDMA 800w have some compelling feature requiring more physical space (onboard flash memory? Retractable stylus? IR port? two microSD slots?) that the GSM version does not.
    Ad.1: "are generally less concerned about looks and thinness." Bull! I take it you're a GSM user. CDMA users are just as keen on sleek looking devices as GSM users. That statement makes NO sense at all, what on earth are you basing that on? The GSM market is bigger, so most innovation will happen there and CDMA devices tend to be behind the design curve. But CDMA users have the same appreciation for innovation as GSM users.

    Ad.2: "Palm may try to slip the CDMA 800w in as a "cheap but feature-laden" entry" Bull again. Do you honestly believe that Palm has even one TINY bit of influence on what Verizon will charge for the 800w? Forget it. Why do you think VZW passed on the iPhone? Because Apple wanted a say in pricing, control support, and get a slice of service revenue. VZW will set the price on the 800w no matter what Palm "wants", and you can count on them charging top dollar for the 800w.

    Your other arguments hold water, although 4 and 5 are design choices they would not HAVE to make...they could easily choose to go the same route there as the 850.

    The 800w looks too old-school for me...I loved my 650 and 700w, but innovation makes me expect more. With the 800w essentially holding on to a 4 year old design, Palm really dropped the ball. I'll be looking for the CDMA Diamond instead...
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