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    Does anyone know a way to make windows hand off an mp3 link to windows media player or coreplayer. When I had a 700p with pocket tunes blazer would ask if you wanted to download or stream but windows only tries to download making copy and paste the only option.
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    I came from 700p/755p too and it was easy to add the live365 station to the playlist in pockettunes, but with 700wx, that windows media player says mp3 is unsupported.?
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    I use the GSPlayer to stream all of my mp3 streams, including Live 365 (assuming that is an "mp3 stream").
    Here is the link for the player.

    When I am on my desktop, Live 365 gives me the option to save the .pls to my computer. I then transfer that to my Treo using the SD card, and there you go. Open the .pls in GSPlayer and you're set.

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