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    I use TT6 on my 750 with an external BT GPS reciever. It works fine. I can find teh reciever, enter the passkey and connect. Then TT6 uses the GPS just fine.

    Problem is, I will get out of the car and turn the reciever off. I will then get back in the car, turn the GPS on and then open TT6 on the 750 and it will never connect.
    I have to remove the GPS reciever from the BT devices list and do the whole connection thing again. Search it up, enter passkey, select com port etc. It will work fine again after that.

    Why is it hppening and how can I fix it? I use no other BT devices.
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    I had so much trouble with the BT GPS connection I gave up and bought a standalone unit. I spent 3 weeks at it all to no avail. I tried it with WM5, WM6 and two different BT recievers, one of them being the TT product. Unfortunately TT6 is not officially supported by Palm on the 750. All I can suggest is that you keep trying different com ports in case you can find one that works correctly. I now have a TT go 710 which doubles as a handsfree kit in the car, and the 750 picks it up every time without problems. I know none of this really helps you, but I just didn't want you to be holding your breath while trying to get it to pair correctly, it could be a long wait.

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    I have no problems pairing it and it works great but it loses the connection once I turn the GPS off.
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    I had similar problems but found an article that helped me. You need to set it as a new 'outgoing port'.
    Delete the pairing and start again
    After entering your passkey click next
    Tick Serial Port then click Finish
    Now tap on the Com Ports tab down the bottom
    Select 'New Outgoing Port'
    Now select your BT GPS and click next
    Now select the Com Port, Comm 7 is recommended but you can use others
    Make sure it is Secure and then click finish
    Now you should see it as another Comm Port
    All done
    This should stop this problem

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