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    Been using my unlocked Treo 750 on the Orange network happily for over a year, but recently noticed that I was not getting any voicemail alerts following an update to the 2.27-RWE firmware.

    Spoke to Orange who reset my voicemail box after I listened to with some success. They say it's an issue with the phone, I guess they would !

    Now whenever the phone is turned on I get notification of new voicemail even though none exist.. Although I now get voicemail notifications, when I listen and delete I get a SMS text messege with says, ∆@(m)

    I've also reflashed the phone again with no difference.

    Anyone have any suggestions, it's driving me crazy.....

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    It sounds like it's on the carrier's side, especially considering that you've reflashed your phone. They need to reset your message count so that it's not sending you notifications when you have no actual messages.

    Most likely the crazy text you are getting is supposed to be their signal to clear the vmail notification from your phone.

    Call in and push past the regular reps. Most carriers have a tech group you can escalate to that has actually been employed there long enough to do more than read a script off their screen.
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