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    Does anyone have a favorite email program? Don't really like Outlook on the Palm. Looking for alternative ideas.
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    Depending on what you want, there aren't many out there. I did a lot of looking into this originally since it was a issue of mine.

    Flexmail - Probably the best alternative; get Flexmail4 (not released, it's in the beta forums). Works very well, however, if you have pop3 accounts it must be running to receive mail.

    Qmail - ( do a search online). Very useful, but NOT for the faint at heart. You must configure everything manually.

    There are some options for getting more than one activesync account into poutlook (as this can be an issue).

    Emoze - works well but do a backup before trying it as it does not like to be uninstalled -

    seven - - you can get the beta here, it's pay software through some providers. Vzw isn't one of them, so I couldn't use it before finding this. It does the same as emoze - allows for multiple activesync accounts, and more. Is great if you need it.

    Good luck
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    kool thanks for the information. I tried Flexmail but it wasn't working for gmail account. It said it connected and everything, but just wouldn't get any emails.
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    I know flexmail will work for gmail, as I've read it on their boards. Which version did you try? The current(2007) or beta (FM4)? Also, check their boards for info...
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    Flexmail gave me all kinds of problems. Anyone have any other ideas?
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    Hate to say it, but that's about it...

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