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    Anyone know how to do this? I have a light background I want to use and you can't read the white text. Does anyone know how to make it black or another dark color?
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    I would look for a theme with dark writing and apply that, then change the background image?

    Most of the themes here are free. I am treogirl80 on here and only just started making themes before I swapped back to a 650. I think I'll still make themes for the 750 every now and then maybe.
    You could try making your own theme using the image too. I use Thememaker X or something like that. It's quite easy to do.

    Let us know if this helps at all?
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    This is your answer its a freee ware....
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    darn, I was hoping to be able to just change the color.

    Thanks for the link, I was able to find a theme with highlight colors that matched the bakground and dark text eventually and it worked to put it on the phone and then just change the background.

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