I have been using the Seidio Holster for the 700wx for a few months now, and I have to say it is a fantastic product. I work in a busy ER, and I need rapid access to my PDA for information. The Seidio holster hangs on my scrub pants using the attached clip, and I never worry about it falling off. The holster is lightweight and has a felt-type lining which I presume will help to protect the face of the PDA. The PDA sits inward so as to protect the screen, and I no longer worry about a cracked LCD (has happened multiple times with lesser cases). The PDA snaps into the case and is held by a spring-loaded arm across the top, and as such, no additional weight is added to the naked PDA.

My only concerns are regarding the aforementioned spring-loaded arm. The spring mechanism is very strong (hasn't weakened over time), and I have to be careful that the arm doesn't scratch the top of the device when I place it into the holster. I have also feared that the arm may dislodge the SD card on the top of the PDA, as the arm actually brushes against the card when seating. I always lift the arm when placing the PDA into the holster, so I have not had any problems.

No added bulk to the naked device
Protects the screen well
Felt lining
Strong clip

Arm brushes against SD card/top of the device
Backside of the device is exposed (nature of the beast for this type of holster)

Please support this fantastic company. I will literally buy my next PDAs based on whether Seidio makes a holster case for them!