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    Now there is a method to build custom ROM's noted in this thread.

    There is also a method to get an invisible ROM dump using an XDA app called grab_it. You can find the thread here. In this thread there is a warning that reads as follows.

    YOU MUST NOT put it back into another device!!!
    or read the SD with card reader on your desktop PC.
    Otherwise, you will rewrite the dump with your own ROM!!!!
    So based on this, could you not dump the ROM, use the imgfs tools also found on XDA, build a custom ROM, put it back on the card and overwrite your stock ROM? Is my theory flawed somehow? Any input or insight from those smarter than me would be much appreciated.

    I should also note that I have dumped my ROM. I then ran through the following steps.

    1. prepare_imgfs.exe dump.bin
    2. delfile.exe sdbus.dll
    3. delfile.exe sdmemory.dll
    4. addfile.exe sdbus.dll (HTC SDHC version)
    5. addfile.exe sdmemory.dll (HTC SDHC version)
    6. viewimgfs.exe imgfs_raw_data.bin
    7. delete files listed in Ebag333's RemovedFiles-Standard-Trimmed.txt file found in the custom ROM thread noted above.
    8. buildimgfs.exe
    9. make_imgfs.exe dump.bin

    So once following these steps I should have a a custom ROM, I just need to get it back on the device. I think that is where the warning comes in. What do you all think.
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    I would strongly recommend that anyone who wants to try this method to be extremely careful.

    Using the ROM provided by Sprint and making changes is one thing. With this, you're essentially building your own ROM from scratch. You could easily hose things up.

    As for getting HD support for the cards...well...lets just say that something's already in the works that should be a bit safer (or at least tried by someone else).
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    I will hold off on this then and wait to see your SDHC solution. Any ETA on the release of that solution?
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    Sorry to tell you this, but yes your theory is flawed, because the person who posted that was expecting you to put the 2755 (or something like that) folder with the autorun.exe, so on a reset it would run grab_it. If you run it manually, then it doesn't require the autorun. Basically "Otherwise, you will rewrite the dump with your own ROM". Notice it says rewrite the dump, not rewrite the ROM with the dump.
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    Yeah. I misunderstood. Thanks for the clarification.

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