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    I have been using WM for several years now, and I have been annoyed with the lag in the operating system when we went from wm2003 to wm5.0. Opening an app in wm2003 was instantaneous, while opening apps in wm5.0 can sometimes take a few seconds, even if the app is running in the background. I have owned multiple wm5.0 (and one wm6.0) devices from different manufacturers, and I have observed the same sluggish behavior in each of the devices.

    I recently tried out a few different task managers, and I noted that using certain programs actually made the wm5 os much snappier switching between open apps. One program was Magic Button. This program will place icons of open apps on the top toolbar of the PDA's screen, and you can use these icons to switch between apps. If you compare how rapidly Magic Button opens apps vs. how slowly the built-in start menu performs the same task, you will see that Magic Button actually makes the PDA feel like it is running the older operating system. I noticed that using SPB Pocket Plus has a similar effect: tap and hold on the "X" button, and try switching between open programs--nearly instantaneous.

    The point of my rambling is that there is something inherently inefficient in the later operating systems. I remember folks blaming the slower flash rom for the lack in performance, but I could never figure out how programs that were already running in the background were still slow to open. After observing the above behavior, they obviously do not need to be.

    Note that I have no personal interest in SPB Pocket Plus, Magic Button, or any other software. I just hope my observations might benefit you, as my frustrations with WM have lessened with using the above softwares.
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    I will say this as far as speed of the device goes (in general). With a stock ROM I used XCPUScaler to speed up the device and make it feel 'snappy' in day to day use. With the trimmed (or my custom) the speed feels about the same (or even faster) as with XCPUScaler at 520. I loaded XCPUScaler after flashing to the latest version, bumped it up to 520...and didn't notice a difference. While I'm sure it'll make a difference for CPU hungry applications, for regular use it's no longer required for me. Darth Pooh as well mentioned that the device felt far snappier.

    Try it.

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