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    I have my Treo set up for two email accounts.

    Outlook - Syncs up automatically with my MS Outlook office server at work. No issues with this. Works great.

    Hotmail - Set up with Xpress Mail; and it sucks!
    First Question: Can I use anything other than Xpress Mail that may work better?

    Other Issues:
    - When I send email on my Hotmail account through my Treo... It takes literally DAYs before it actually is sent. It's not in my 'sent' folder on the phone or on the website... it's like the email is lost in space and suddenly get's delivered.

    - It seems like every other day I get a "Network Busy" message from Xpress Mail when trying to update my Inbox.

    - I have to hit "Send/Receive" to get new mail delivered to my phone - Any way to automate this?
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    I've never used "expressmail" to set any accounts up. Try deleting the account and just setting it up normally in Pocket Outlook.
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    Do you have Windows Live on your device? That's what I use for my hotmail. Works very nicely.
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    If you are running the AT&T WM6 version, then they removed the "Windows Live" for some reason.

    If that is the case, and you want it back, follow the "software picks" link in my signature. There is a cab file that will install the windows live package that's included with the standard WM6 ROM.
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    I have a TREO 750-2.25 on AT&T.

    I noticed you had a different software version of 2.27... should I be updating mine periodically or can I even do that?

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    Firmware Version is
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    I tried to open the *.CAB files from my phone, but the phone comes up with a message that says it could be an unsafe file and will not allow me to open it.

    Can you tell me how to open and install the CAB files?
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    Normally, when it tells you that it's from an unknown publisher, you can click one of the soft buttons to allow it to install anyway.

    As for the ROM version you're on AT&T's rom which is 2.25. The last released ROM for an unbranded device is 2.27. If you want the installer, let me know and I'll PM you with the download links. Since it's an unbranded ROM, it still has Windows Live intact and DOES NOT have any of the AT&T garbage apps.
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    It doesn't give me any options to download it. The icon in the top left corner of the message window is a red circle with a white 'x' in it. The message says, "The attachment is of a file type that could be unsafe. Messaging will not open this attachment".
    I downloaded the CAB file to my laptop, then emailed it to myself so that I could get it to my Palm phone. The only thing I can do is click on the 'x' in the upper right of the message window to close out the box.

    I also set up my hotmail account through the standard windows email setup on the phone. Using POP3 settings for incoming/outgoing mail I was able to download all of my messages in my hotmail inbox.... NOW... when I try to send email I get an error message that says, "The message(s) could not be sent. Check that you have network coverage and that your account information iws correct. Then try sendng again."

    This is all so very frustrating... why can't this thing just do what it's supposed to do???? I have no issues with my work email that runs through the microsoft exchange server...
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    Instead of emailing it to yourself, why don't you use activesync to copy the file over?

    You could also visit my site with pocket IE. When you click on the link it should download the cab directly to your phone.

    I have no idea why hotmail would be set up with POP. When you key in your hotmail address, it should use automatic settings. Hotmail should not be configured with POP as it uses push-mail for real time email access.
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