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    Whenever I goto the internet, it opens as it should but then automatically closes to the today screen. I have done nothing but add the threaded messaging to the phone. Soft resets does nada. The threaded messaging works great as does everything else. I just have to start my internet, then start it again after it closes automatically? What could cause this and how do I fix it?
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    My first question would be if you have done the tweak to store all PIE cookies, history.... on the memory card? If you have, undo that, and reset. The amount of storage it saves isn't really worth what you are going through, and it will happen....a lot!!!!

    Next, I would get a cleaning app such as Memmaid and clean out the history, cache, cookies....every once in a while.

    Between those two, I would think you will be up and running again in no time!!

    EDIT: Just in case you don't have Memmaid, and don't want to spend the $ right now, pmClean v1.07 is free (doesn't do nearly as much, but isn't bad), and found here:
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    I cleaned out the memory daily on my phone, I havenot knowingly adjusted any tweaks to store the memory onto my card. All I did was the hack for the threaded messaging?
  4. #4 got me stumped then. What apps do you have installed other than the threaded SMS? It may come down to taking it in to the dealer!
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    I have:
    PM Clean
    Resco Registry
    Threaded SMSSprite Backup
    Screen capture
    TCPMP Youtube hack
    A2DP-Hannip's hack

    And this only started after I installed the threaded sms?
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    OK (I see there was some cleaning done here since last night...good work mods)....what I would do, is to take the threaded SMS off your device, reset, clean with PM Clean, and see if you still have the PIE problem. If you do, I would seriously consider a hard reset and start from scratch (backup your PIM info, and you don't have too many apps, so it shouldn't be too bad) cheching after each app for the problem. If you don't have the PIE problem any longer, it is definetly the threaded SMS, and there are a few of the same type apps out there to try (I use PocketCM).
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    hard reset?!?!?!?


    Oh well, I gotta get it fixed because it really bothers me that it always does that when using IE.

    Thank god for Sprite!
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    LOL....I know the feeling, but sometimes it is the best choice. I just spent the last weekend redoing my phone from scratch, but it was worth it, I have more free memory, faster speed, and fixed a couple problems that accumulated over time.

    The one thing to remember about Sprite though, is if you do a restore on your device, your restoring the apps and data, but most likely the problem as well!!!

    Good luck, let us know how it goes!!
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    I was messing around with my PM clean settings, I unchecked something and it now works again....go figure
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    This happens to me when I'm low on memory. Maybe a webpage is larger than the available memory will allow...
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    I had the PIE cache/history/cookies on the memory card and this IE shutting itself down thing happened to me all the time. I made the switch back to storing it on the device and the problem went away.
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    i agree with Music and Shredhead. both have happened to me. a simple soft reset worked fine on a number of occasions and i realized it was a memory issue. but the after a hard reset i moved everything to the sdcard and it started happeneing again. i moved everything back and all is well. hope this helps.

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