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    My wife and I both have a 750 with AT&T's WM 6.0 ROM. I use a BlueAnt Z9 BT headset, and have no problems with it at all.

    My wife used to use a Plantronics Discovery 655 with her 750, until it developed a weird, high-pitched buzzing. Got her a BlueAnt Z9 to replace it. Paired fine, worked for a day or so - then it started again. Now I'm thinking it's the phone. Any known issues?

    We have a number of third party apps installed, so I'm thinking about a hard reset - followed by installing the apps one by one (in case there's an uninstall that didn't work correctly). The other thing that's preventing me from going that route is the fact that her phone is configured IDENTICALLY to mine (to include third party apps). However, I'd like to avoid that red a$$. Any other ideas?
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    Have you tried pairing it to your phone (instead of your wife's) to check for the buzzing sound?
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