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    Is there a program that would let me track and log on my Treo 750, the amount of miles I drive each day without an external GPS system? I have the unlimited data plan, and use google maps, but I don't think it can keep track and log all of my miles.

    I found a program called 'Driving Log' that looked promising, but it seems to need an external GPS to work. Other than that, it seemed to be perfect for me- I could just tell it when to start, and stop (at the beginning and end of every day) and keep a log for as long as I want, print it, save it on my pc, whatever.

    I'm looking for an easier way to log my mileage for work. Keeping track of the odometer and writing it down is just too annoying.

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    Without a GPS system, the Treo has absolutely no way of determining how many miles it's traveled. For all it knows, it spent the day sitting in a drawer.

    Google maps provides a way to get your approximate location via cell towers. However, it doesn't constantly update in real time nor does it provide a way to feed out coordinate data to some other program.

    What you're asking for is a GPS feature.
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    Fastlerner- thanks for the reply!

    (I'm pretty new to the whole GPS/ cell phone-that-does-everything scene.) My Treo 750 has WM6 and can do almost everything I need it to do for me.

    So this is where I'm confused:
    Google maps shows me (not only the map of where I'm supposed to go, but also) where I am, via cell tower info, etc. I know it's not perfect, but it does move along the route that I'm driving, in somewhat delayed/ real time. But there's no program out there that is able to store and log that data? I know that I have to be signed in on explorer for the whole day/ trip, but that would be fine.

    After looking around today, I've found a few programs online; one offers a 'silent' gps tracking software: looks to me like it was intended to be installed on an unsuspecting (child or spouse's) phone, and then the data would be relayed to a website for review later, by the person who 'silently' installed it. Apparently the phone that it was installed on would not give any obvious clues that the new program was on the phone, but might work for my needs.

    The other is called 'e-mobile gps tracker' and their website claims that no external GPS is needed, but there's no trial version to download, so I'm a little leary.

    It just seems that there has to be something out there to take care of this without an external GS, and if there isn't, there is definately a market for it!!!

    Thanks again for any input!
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    Again, what you're looking to do requires a GPS device. I looked at the "e-mobile GPS tracker" and everything on the product page I saw indicated it works with a GPS device.

    If this is something that will truly make your life easier and save you time, then it's probably worth investing in a GPS device.

    You can get a BlueTooth GPS receiver that's small enough to put on a keychain. Then just toss it on the dash when you're on the road and use the program of your choice to track your miles.

    I don't see it happening without GPS, unless you want to go back to logging your miles manually. If you do, at least you have Pocket Excell to make it easier.
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