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    Please help me guys

    My husband has purchased me a Treo 500, I am on O2 UK Pay and Go, can someone please explain to how to set up the GPRS/MMS settings.

    I have zero experience with WM (but loving it so far), if someone could tell me what settings go where I would be really great full.
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    The settings are here:

    O2 GPRS settings (Email/Web):

    APN address:
    Username: mobileweb
    Password: password
    Session type: Continuous / permanent
    Authentication: Normal
    Security: Off

    Email servers (POP):
    Email servers (SMTP):
    DNS Servers: and

    Note: The "Mobile Web" service must be enabled for these settings to work.
    * We've also been told of an alternative username of 'faster', with a password of 'password'
    I do not have a WM standard phone here at the moment so I cant say exactly where to enter these, but its probably under Start>Settings>Connectivity.


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