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    Does anyone know of a hack to add more alarms to the treo? it's only able to handle 3 alarms, and i would love to have more.
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    Anyone? Any ideas?
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    SpbTime ?
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    spbTime? huh?
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    Have a look at the above software

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    If you want a quick free solution, you can always set appointments with notifications in your calendar.
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    I'm not sure the software will work for what i'm looking for, I don't need world clocks and all that, just more than 3 alarms.

    I would do the calendar thing, but the alarms are to remind me to take medications, and having 4 entires a day for medications every day would get annoying.
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    I use the calendar and make an appointment. As soon as I respond to the appointment notification instead of clearing it I go into Details and set it for the next time or day. It works quite well as a failsafe system.

    In fact, I even have a 15-minute timer set up that I use a lot. It's just a 15 minute appointment with the alarm set to go off 0 minutes in advance. It sounds, I reset the new start time 15 minutes from then and off I go.
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    You can set the appointment for a zero duration, to alarm 0 minutes in advance, and recurring daily. Then you only enter it once and it populates your schedule until you remove the series.
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    Actually, it sounds like SPB Time would be exactly what you need. It does include some overkill, and it costs money, but it is worth it. As a matter of fact, I only use it for alarms. Its not like you have to set up anything else if you don't want to. But you can set up as many alarms as you want, name them all differently, set up daily recurrences and even suspend without deleting them. It works quite well.

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