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    Is there a way to clear all calendar entries quickly without doing a hard reset on a Treo 700wx? Thanks in advance to all who reply.
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    If you sync with Outlook on your PC, delete them on Outlook, then Sync.
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    I do not sync with Outlook at this time. I have in the past and that has caused me to get double contacts and calendar enties. My main sync is done through Wireless Sync and when I have syncronized with Outlook it doubles all entries. It seems the key is to delete them off the Treo and that deletes from the Wireless Sync. I just can't figure how to do that other than one at a time.
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    Usually duplicate entries occur when you Delete Mobile device on AS on the PC. and then perform an Activesynce with the data still intact on Outlook on the PPC and also on the device. Or you perform a hard reset on your device, restore your contacts & appointments, via some kind of backup, then perform an Activesync on your PC. Believe me, I've made this same mistake dozens of times.

    So you're performing a wireless Active Sync? Why not still delete the duplicate appointments on Outlook on the PC?
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    1. Launch the Calendar (Date Book).

    2. Go to Day View (where one day of appointments is showing; this is not Agenda view).

    3. Access the Menu launcher.

    4. From the Record menu, select Purge.

    5. You'll see a confirmation dialog box with these options:
    * Delete events older than:
    (1 Week, 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks, 1 Month)
    Purge deletes repeating events if the last of the series ends before the date that you purge records.

    * Save archive copy on PC:
    Note: If you want to save a copy of the purged records to an archive file on your desktop, be sure that the check box is selected. See our instructions for viewing archived records.

    6. When ready, select OK to begin the purge.

    Using ActiveSync with Hosted Exchange with
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    Thanks for all the tips. tpoon, your responce was great except I use wm not palm os, however it did get me thinking. My problem was duplicating entries, I figured out how to Not duplicate amymore but I still had over 9000 entries! Everyones reply's gave me a huge idea (for me anyhow) I have a old Blackberry 7130 from past years and re-installed BB desktop manager. I then installed PC Monitor, a "conduit" between Outlook installed on my PC and my Wireless Sync service. I then set the Blackberry to override Outlook for all calendar entries. When I performed a sync with the Blackberry it deleted all calendar entries from my PC and in turn deleted them from the Wireless Sync service and from my Treo!!!! Man what a mouthfull. Thanks for everyones replies and i hope this info helps someone else out there. I honestly do not know any other way to get this done without doing a hard reset. Thanks.

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