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    I'am a very busy student and most of my mobile socializing is done through text messages. I don't like people calling me during school/study hours.

    I have - Windows Mobile (the standard one) (Treo 750)

    The Problem:

    Yesterday. when I was on a flight back from home, my Treo's text messaging app just all of a sudden stopped working. Everytime I hit the 'Messeging' button all I see is the little loading notification, it disappears and no inbox or anything appears. What do you guys think is going on? Do you think it got damaged somehow in the airplane? (that's what my bro says.) I have the PalmMsgV001, which is 27.8mb in my phone, do you think I should delete that and back it up into my storage card? I don't want to try anything till I get a tip from you guys!
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    Do you have a backup?

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    This may sound like a dumb question, but you should always start simple first. Have you tried a soft reset?
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