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    Hi there, I have purchased a 750 from ebay which it seems is a little out of date with regards to firmware and OS etc

    Software Version: TREO750-1.12-VFU
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware Version: 1.12.0a.00
    OS: Windows Mobile 5.0 - OS 5.1.195 (Build 14959.2.3.2)

    From what I can see this is all around 12-18 months old

    Are there any guides on how to get this all upgraded to the latest firmware and maybe up to WM6

    and is it all free to do ??

    I am in the UK, the handset is Vodafone branded, and I have unlocked the device so that all UK SIMs work fine ( I currently have an Orange pay as you go sim in the device)

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
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    Here's the link for you to update both your firmware and WM6:

    You will be required to enter your SN which can be found on the back of your phone.

    A direct link for your exact firmware is here.
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    If you go to xda developers you can find a whole slew of different ROM packages including WM 6.1 that you can play with. Easy to go back and forth until you find what you want - there is a whole section on Treos.
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    Slow down guys. This is a Vodafone which means 750V.

    The roms for the standard 750 will not load on the 750V. Cyfer33 has the correct link for the most recent 750V rom.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with fastlerner. I think its better to go with the official WM6 update that will also correctly update the firmware.

    Pls note that the WM6.1 requires you to run the Cheetan Unlocker which is not recommended as it is quite complex even for the experienced.

    My advice is, stick with the official WM6 1st....
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