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    I bought a 2006 Lexus GS430 and I am having issues trying to get my 700W to pair. I have read some posts about workarounds.

    I love the car but can't bear to think I would have to give up my Treo with its keyboard and touchscreen and of course with a hot car AND a hot phone I surely want to get BOTH connected.

    Can someone much more experienced in these sort of things than I PLEASE show me the way to the promised land?

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    you can try a program called Jetware. (It is free to try out). It is available at It has partially solved the problem I was having with my Lincoln getting the TREO to pair and work properly, but the TREO is very quirky with bluetooth for some reason. Let us know how if it helps.
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    Rpickoff is absolutely right. WM devices are very picky with BT devices. My 700WX may or may not stay paired with the BT system in my Prius. Basically, it's the BT stack that's the problem, not necessarily your vehicle or device that you're looking to pair with.
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