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    So I've been working on figuring out a way to back port some of your guys cool stuff to our long overlooked 700's.

    Where I'm stuck is that any 750 files that I can find are either:

    A) In bits and pieces.
    B) Compiled ROM's.
    C) No longer there.

    What'd be really nice is if one of you 750 owners can take the time to pass me a dump of your \Windows\ dir (just copy, paste, zip, and e-mail) along with a dump of your registry (HKLM and HKCU). (Especially if you're running WM6. )

    If any of you feel up to it, you can find my contact details in my profile, or feel free to post here.
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    Bump. No one willing to take a few minutes to dump their ROM?
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    HUGE thanks to someone (you know who you are ) who got me the ROM dump.

    Anyone want to take a few minutes to dump their registry (HKLM and HKCU)?
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    I tried to send you an e-mail but it failed. Here is the reg dump, AT&T WM6. Unfortunately not a clean rom.
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    Thanks! This helps a lot.

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