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    I just received a Unlocked Treo 750 and I really like it except for 2 issues right now. These 2 issues will keep me with the Dash.
    1. No internet. I have the settings and it shows connected but I can't get anything to show up in IE. Everything fails.
    2. MP3's as ringtones that can be stored on the SD Card. I was able to make MP3's work as ringtones but it makes a copy and puts it on the phone taking up all my space. I would like for it to read from the SD Card instead.

    If anyone can help with these 2 issues I would really appreciate it.
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    not sure about No1
    But for No2 I'm sure I have seen a hack to do this somewhere, I will try and remember where it is and post a link

    EDIT here is the reg hack
    HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring\Directory = \Storage Card\ (REGSZ string, no quotes)
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    As for Tmobile setup, check this thread:

    Thanks for that reg edit Daz, I hadn't seen that one before.

    Another way to overcome that problem is to not use huge MP3's for ringtones. Since it's being played over the loudspeaker, you will never be able to tell the difference between a high and low bitrate, and stereo is just pointless with one speaker.

    Just grab a decent sound editor or converter and try resaving the files as 30kps MONO mp3. You'll find they become extremely small, and still work great for ringtones. I have tons right on the device and don't really lose any significant space. This also frees you up to be able to swap your card without breaking your ringers.
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    the Hack doesn't seem to work. I changed the settings and soft reset the phone but when I go to add a ringtone it does not find them on my SD Card. I am going to check out the macado site to see if something else has to be changed.
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    That hack states WM5 could it be different for WM6?
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    did you wait a while before doing the reset or use a software?
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    I used MobileRegistryEditor and once I made the change I checked to see if it worked by going to the sounds but nothing changed. So I removed the battery for the reboot.
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    just checked on my 750 as well, doesn't seem to work for me either. Perhaps one of the many clever folks in here could take a look at it and post their thoughts or answers.

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    I finally got #1 working. So all I have to get fixed is the ringtones being stored on the SD Card.

    Does anyone know if there is any software that will do this? I know there are some for the Palm OS but not sure about WM6.
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    I'm tellin' ya, if you shrink the tones, you won't have an issue.

    At 30kps and mono, most of my ringtones are less than 50k. I've got one that is a full song, and it's about 500k.
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    I understand that I can shrink the mp3's down and it will not take as much space. I have a 2gb mini SD card with my mp3's on there to listen through the media player. I just don't want to have the different mp3's when the Dash allows me to use the full song from the SD card. To go along with the Dash so did the Treo 680 but it was a palm OS. I was just hoping to have the same options. Trying to compare Apples to Apples to determine which phone I will stay with. I am currently testing Ringo which does find the mp3's on the SD card but takes a small sample of it to the main storage. This is kind of what you were saying but it does it for you.

    Any other ideas are welcome.
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    Ah, I see what you're saying.

    I don't usually use full songs as ringtones since the beginning of the track is rarely the part I want to hear. Usually I'll cut down the peice I want for a ringer and shrink it.
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    There is no reason to have the full song on your device if you are only using it for ring tones. Solution: shrink the tones and save them in a small mono format. You dont have stereo speakers in your device. Sound quality will not suffer.
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    Just found something unexpectedly. Pocket Informant allows you to assign a ring tone to a contact and it will read from the SD Card. So I created a smaller MP3 version for the Known and Unknown Callers but I did not have to for the individual callers. Things are looking up to keep the Treo over the Dash.
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    Personally, I'd take the Treo over the dash just for the sake of the Treo being a PPC and the Dash a SmartPhone.

    Once you've been on a PPC for a while, the SmartPhones just seem akward and limited.
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