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    Will there be a GSM version for the Treo 800w?
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    I am sure there will be. GSM is the world!

    I much prefer using the SIM chip instead of calling the CSR to change my phone on Sprint.

    I would go GSM but Sprint is so much cheaper than ATT.
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    I wonder how soon the Vodafone 3G/GSM version will follow after the US release.

    I have to give back my Treo 500 when I change jobs next week...
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    GSM being the world and the Treo being a business tool for many and being that business is sometimes handled in and out of town it would only be smart to introduce a GSM version if Palm wants to grab a larger share of the market with this device and not limit themselves. The Treos seem to come by CDMA forces first when released for some reason which puzzles me....if anyone can chime in to why, it would be muched appreciated.
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