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    I was attempting to sync my 750 via bluetooth today when my Adobe photo organizer popped up. I had to use the task manager to end it, and then, the sync came up with an error and now it won't sync at all.

    I get an error saying that the port is not available. When to go to the bluetooth menu on the 750 there are no com ports listed and there is no option to add one. I've tried un pairing and pairing them both and restarting both the phone and the computer. Also when i go to the wireless manager to turn the bluetooth on and off it says "off" or "visible" there is no "on" any more.

    I'm using vista, and I really need to get my phone synced!
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    It's most likely talking about the BT serial service on your PC that is mapped to a COM port. (My Dell loses it's BT COM port occasionally after a reboot.)

    Open your BT config on your PC and check to make sure that a serial service is set up and mapped to a COM port.

    (I'm an activesync user, but am guessing this next step makes sense in WMDC too.) Next make sure that ActiveSync/WMDC is set to accept incoming connections on that COM port.

    On the device side, you can open the BT properties for your PC and make sure that the ActiveSync checkbox is checked under available services.
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