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    Vision Data 0 15142 0 15142

    I just checked the sprint site, and it said that I used 15142 under vision data, and that 0 is included in my plan. What does that mean?
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    Sounds like you've used 15,142 KB of data, but that you dont have a data plan. If that's the case, this may be an expensive bill. You should see if data access is included in your plan. If not, and it's not too pricey for you, add it in.
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    I added it in, I called them up and they said that I had used 15142 KB of data at 3 cents per KB, which adds up to 450 dollars. I added the unlimited data plan for this month, and then the lady back-dated it so that it would cover the usage. PHEW!
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    Even though they added it, you probably won't get back-dated on the usage.

    Don't worry. Call in the next month, explain that the added the plan and you were told it would be back dated, and they'll issue a credit. You might even see two months of usage at the higher rate, depending on when your billing cycles fall.
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    that's strange sprints data plan with out data caps at 75 dollars period. did you get a bill or did the lady just do simple math with u on the phone (kb x .03/kb)?
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