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    Sorry if re-post, but could not find any recent info...

    Does anyone have any release date for Blackberry Connect support for the Treo 750 on WM6 ??

    Thanks in advance - Manuel
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    You can try one of these packages, look on I haven't tried them in a while, I have a Cingular/ATT 750 and when I tried BBC never worked. Maybe you're luckier than me :-) Anyway, please post any success story .... :-)

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    Just curious nsx1164, does your company have Outlook Web Access (OWA) enabled? In other words, is there a website you can hit from the outside to access your exchange email? (usually something like

    If they do, and are using exchnage, then you may not even need BBC. Activesync was built to connect to the Outlook Web Access portal for push mail without the need for any additional softare.

    Most of the rest of my company uses BlackBerry, but I have no issues connecting my Treo without it. As long as the Exchange server is 2003 or newer, it's ActiveSync ready out of the box (unless your admins disabled it for some reason.)
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