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    Heyas folks,

    I was wondering if there is anyway I can upgrade my wm6 device (verizon xv6800) to wm6.1 I can't even determine if the software has been released by microsoft yet. I asked the store clerk (verizon) and she when it's available I can download it directly from Microsoft. Is there anyone that can help me, or guide me in the right direction? Any information is greatly apreciated.

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    The 6800 is a HTC device, isn't it? If it is, you need to check out
    They will have all the info you should need on upgrading.
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    Currently I have free unlimited mobile internet that I surf on a Motorolla Razr2 cell phone. Content is sufficient for my 45min bus ride to the oil sands site where I work, and a nice diversion during coffee breaks... The zero cost for unlimited web use is due to a union mobile plan.

    So what features do I want to see available in a more content rich PDA before I make the switch? I would like to be able to do secure online banking... I'm not that, uh, 'online articulate...' but I'm referring to the locked, secure web sites. Also, I would like to have full use of web sites.... For example, watching video clips from the horse racing web site, or simply full use of such a web site...

    Perhaps windows mobile 6.1 will make what I mentioned above possible?

    I do have a suggestion for hand held mobile device creators... Create virtual versions of the smart phones online so that the consumer can demo and see the full capabilities of the devices!

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