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    Hate to clog up the forum with a question that has already been answered... I did search...

    Two questions actually:

    Is it possible to set it so that deleted pop emails are moved to the deleted folder on the server?

    Also, does Excel always have to reformat, when syncing back to PC? I want to sync an Excel file, but in its native format. Just wondering if there is some workaround.

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    I will take that as a no!
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    Pop e-mails don't sync, per say. They just download. You'll need to use IMAP to get an actual sync.

    Excel files go through a conversion process when you view them on your PPC, so that's probably causing formatting issues when you go back to your PC. No way around that as far as I know (though the issue may be corrected in a newer version of PocketExcel).

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