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    Hey all..

    I had an issue in my older treo where the headset jack died and they ended up replacing my phone with another treo 700wx (Sprint) and in the two weeks or so I have had it I have noticed my reception is awful. I am getting calls that are cutting in and out or just plain dropping in places where with previous Treos (I had gone through a few with the headset issue) there was no problem. Any idea what may be going on? Could I need to update the phone somehow or might it be a hardware issue? Thanks!
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    I would ask for anther replacement
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    The antenna housing has come loose on both my 650p and my old 700wx. I just traded in my old 700wx for a new one in large because of that. If yours is a refurb that might have come lose and wiggled enough to damage the antenna.

    Either way, I'd go back and get a new one. You could try hard resetting before that though to make sure it's not a software problem....

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