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    I ordered an external antenna adapter for my 700wx. It arrived in a package that read Treo 650, and the plug doesn't go all the way down into the socket because of the curved shape of the phone body, so I'm not sure it's making sufficient contact. Is the external antenna socket on a 700wx the same as a 650, and should the same adapter fit both phones? Thanks.

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    The back of the 700wx is slightly "sharper" (for lack of a better word) than the 650. The 650's back is more rounded, that might be part of it.

    My 700wx also looks to be a bit deeper there, but that might be me being hypersensitive.

    I don't see that there's a major difference that would keep one from working on the other.
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    Where did you get the adapter from? I had been wanting to get one of those for a while... I HAVE an Antenae from when I was using a phone with Verizon not that long ago. I would LOVE to be able to use an external Antenae with my phone since I already have it and just need an adapter....

    Used to be with my Verizon phone I had dead spots all over the place... With the external antenae I was able to get full signal in places I got none before...

    I have places that are on the fringes of service area that I roam now or just plain loose service. With the external antenae I could get that service back.
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    I got it off of Ebay...seller's username is cellgear-usa.
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    i used adapters like that on a few phones and they seemed to fit the same way.
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    The easiest way to test the antenna adapter connection is to place the phone into test mode and view the RSSi value.

    To access the field test mode for your device click here: Field Test Modes

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