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    I administer an EIMS email server. I have a customer with a Treo 750 (details below) that is completely unable to get a POP connection to our server. I have had him try the IP number of the server to eliminate DNS issues. When I view the server log while he is attempting to connect, there is simply no connection, and therefore no error on our side. He has several other accounts set up on the Treo that are working fine (we do not host those accounts). This is a simple POP connection to port 110. Any ideas?


    I have a Treo 750 from AT&T (GSM service). It has the following:

    Windows Mobile 6 Professional installed.
    Software version TREO750-2.25-ATT.
    Hardware Version A.
    Firmware Version
    CC-Cap: ATT-ATT-042
    Carrier DB: 338
    IMEI: 01103800230769925
    SA Number: 1001310410

    I have retried using the regular POP emails system and Xpress Mail and both still do not work.


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    Well, let's start with the simple stuff first. Are you sure your POP server is visible from the outside your firewall? (I know it sounds dumb, but I had to ask.)

    Another thing that may help your troubleshooting is to tether a PC to the Treo using the "Internet Sharing" app. That will let you test with more familiar tools, like: ping, traceroute, telnet, etc... You can also try setting up the POP connection on the tethered PC and see if it is able to connect.
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